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Onduhome: Corporate & Partners

When we discuss Onduhome, we discuss devotion to both the development of technologies and the pursuit of effective, long-term solutions for the growing need of housing in Africa other developing areas of the world. Onduhome has emerged from the union of partnerships amongst giants in the field of building materials; Tecston Technology provides a new generation of BTC-bricks for wall, Onduline provides their world-leading lightweight roofs, with other contributors such as Clipso, Longston Group of Finance, UN-Habitat, and more. John Mohn, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Africa branch, is currently imagining and developing this concept for the regions of Africa and the Indian Ocean. With long-standing experience in international strategy and finance.

Creating the Changes Necessary for Our New World

In Africa alone, it is expected that the formation and expansion of urban areas will economic growth and productivity. As a private sector organization, Onduhome aims to look at the housing crises of nations such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Madagascar, and other African countries and create solutions that take the environment into consideration. It is projected that 1.2 billion people will live in African cities within 2045, approximately 500 million nowadays. The Onduhome concept is geared towards uniting the necessary industries and components to defeat this housing crisis with special attention given to sustainability, service of the highest quality, and rapid, effective construction.

The Onduhome Culture

Onduhome is comprised of the following elements: eight engineers of study centre and research, three site supervisors, six trainers in master trainer, two engineers in automatisms for the manufacturing of our equipment in Asia, a research laboratory in France, five consultants in development strategy, and more than one hundred fifty people in other divisions, with one training centre installed in Madagascar and south Asia. We believe in the principles of expedience and shrewd economics, which are vital to our all-in-one concept. We are able to provide this basic model for sustainable housing: quick construction (eight weeks per home), cost-efficiency, comfort, and meeting the demand for housing in Africa. The rate at which governments in these nations will be able to produce housing to meet rising populations will be insufficient, making our private sector operation ideal. Here at Onduhome, we are constantly conceptualizing and designing new ways to provide solutions for future housing crises.

Our Concept

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All in one Solution

Onduhome is a combination of technology and components/materials for the realization of affordable house with an environmental concept.
Onduhome’s houses are built in a short term (8 to 10 weeks) thank to an appropriate training and assistance to accompany all the developers. The houses are built with a particular comfort for tropical climate, a thermal and sound insulation, a “soft think” architecture, and an affordable cost for the major part of the population.
Thanks to the Engineering Onduhome, it is very simple to design an optimized habitat in order to create with Onduhome the ideal and ecofriendly habitat conditions for a mass housing program and where the urbanization of cities becomes difficult.

John Mohn   -   CEO and Founder, Onduhome
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TECSTON Technology

Incorporated Onduhome for walls.


For the process of lightweight roof.

UPVC Höffl

For windows and in option a stretched ceiling.


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Construction site

A well-trained and devoted team on the construction site from the beginning to end.

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Ecoline House

An Ecoline House concept, affordable and comfortable with a living space and an outdoor terrace.

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Urban-e House

An entry-level of Urban-e Houses, very affordable house from Onduhome's "mass housing".

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Contemporary House

Contemporary architecture with a variable geometry, 2 bedrooms + one living room, extensible to a third bedroom... for young couples.

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A light roofing system with soundproofing and thermal insulation.

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Indoor view

An indoor view with its kitchenette and its PVC carpentry.

Our Team

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  • Hery
    Engineer and Research Dept
  • Vincent
    Business Developer
  • Charles
    Country Manager - Africa Branch
  • Pamphila
    Business Developer - Asia Branch
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